About Me

I was born and brought up in a rural community on the Cumbrian coast of the English Lake District.

The fells and mountains of Cumbria have always been a big influence on me and I'm regularly walking and running over them both for pleasure and in competition.

After spending many years enjoying the scenery that's on offer, I am now capturing in images, the natural beauty that I'm fortunate to live and spend my recreational time in.

I also travel to other parts and am particularly fond of the mountainous regions of Scotland.

Please take your time and have a browse around, I've had tremendous enjoyment capturing these images and hope to pass on some of their pleasure to you, they are for your enjoyment to view as much as mine.

Contact Information

If you would like to email me with a request or for further information about my photography then please use the Contact page or you can ring me on 01229 770475 (UK Home) or 07899 860291 (Mobile).

Enjoy the scenery.